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        Introduction to World Telecommunication Day

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        Introduction to World Telecommunication Day

        Huabao Power 2020.5.23

        Development History

        Telecommunications refers to communication methods that use telegraph, telephone, fax, radio equipment, and the Internet to transmit information. In 1844, the telegraph was officially used for public correspondence. In order to make the telegraph play a greater role, some European countries have successively established the "German-Austrian Telegraph Union" and the "Western European Telegraph Union".

        On May 17, 1865, more than 20 countries including France, Germany, Russia, Italy, and Austria signed the International Telegraph Convention in Paris, France, and announced the formal establishment of the International Telegraph Union.

        With the widespread use of telephone and radio, the International Telegraph Union decided to rename the "International Telegraph Union" to the "International Telecommunication Union" at the Fifth Congress held in Madrid, Spain in 1932. In 1947, the Union became a specialized agency of the United Nations, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. The International Telecommunication Union currently has 191 members, and China joined the organization in 1920.

        In order to commemorate the establishment of the International Telecommunication Union and emphasize the role of telecommunications in the development of the national economy and people's lives, the International Telecommunication Union decided to designate May 17 as "World Telecommunication Day" at the 23rd Administrative Council in 1968, and Member states are required to carry out commemorative activities in accordance with the Telecommunications Day theme determined by the International Telecommunication Union since 1969 to promote the importance of telecommunications, popularize telecommunications science and technology, and cultivate the younger generation's interest in telecommunications.

        Every year during World Telecommunication Day, the member states of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) including China will hold various themed activities to promote the healthy development and popularization of the national network communication industry.

        Purpose of establishment

        On May 17, 1969, the Twenty-fourth Administrative Council of the International Telecommunication Union formally passed a resolution, deciding to designate the founding day of the International Telecommunication Union-May 17 as "World Telecommunication Day", and requesting member states to follow Since 1969, commemorative activities have been carried out on May 17 each year.

        In 1973, the International Telecommunication Union passed a resolution again, requiring member states to continue to carry out various commemorative activities, which can be carried out in various ways. In order to make the commemoration more systematic, there is a theme every year on World Telecommunications Day. In my country, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on behalf of the Chinese government sponsors commemorative activities every year and the China Institute of Communications undertakes. Local communications administrations and operators will also hold corresponding commemorative activities.

        This year’s theme is Connected Goal 2030: Using ICT to promote the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). The development and use of information and communication technologies are inseparable from the guarantee of electricity. Our Huabao Golden Samurai UPS power supply adheres to the original aspiration, based on power technology, and provides reliable UPS power for the 2030 Connectivity Goal 2030 to promote the realization of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Guaranteed.

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