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        • RTX 2KS golden Warrior
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        • RTX 2KS golden Warrior

        RTX 2KS golden Warrior

        product power:1.6KW(千瓦)

        product capacity:2KVA 【View products of the same capacity】

        series:Rack RTX series 【View the same series of products】

        voltage input and output:Single in single out (220V:220V)

        weight:10 kg

        size(LWH):476*482.6*88 MM 2U

        Shape classification:

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        Product Features:

        ●19 "standard rack design, compact structure

        ● Sine wave output provides the best power supply protection

        ● Zero conversion time between mains mode and battery mode

        ● Input zero fire detection function.

        ● With voltage surge protection function and strong anti-interference function

        ● Input work factor correction function

        ● Original supporting battery

        ● Mobile phone smart monitoring card is supported through mobile phone APP

        Monitor UPS data in real time.

        RP 2KS detailed parameter table

        Nominal capacity2KVA/1.6KW
        modelRTX 3KS

        RP 2KS input parameter

        Rectifier typeIGBT rectifier
        The rated voltage220Vac
        Input voltage range90VAC~300VAC
        Input frequency range40 ~ 70Hz (Adjustable)
        Input power factor0.99
        Input protectionStandard surge circuit

        RP 2KS output parameter

        Rated output2KVA / 1600 W
        Rated output voltage220Vac
        The output voltage220VAC±2%
        The output frequencyPower supply: 46-54Hz Synchronous power supply; 50Hz (mains 40-46Hz or 54-60Hz); Battery: 50 hz
        Output power factor0.8
        Way to workon-line
        Output waveformSine wave
        Conversion timeMains ←→Battery 0ms; Mains ←→Bypass <4ms
        Overload capacity110%-125% of the load can be normal operation for 10 minutes; 125%-150% of the load can run normally for 1 minute, and has output short-circuit protection function.
        The efficiency ofECO mode

        RP 3KS battery and running time

        The battery modelValve-controlled maintenance-free lead-acid battery
        Mark the machine backup time30 minutes to 8 hours are optional
        Battery pack model-
        Typical battery charging time10H
        The battery voltage72VDC

        RP 3KS system parameters and standards

        The machine efficiencyUp to 90%
        Electromagnetic compatibilityICE/EN/AS 62040-1;CISPR 22 A級
        Surge protectionICE/EN 62040-2, meet ICE/EN 61000-4-5
        Protection typeIP20

        RP 3KS communication and management

        Interface portsRS232 with optional Wedpower card and AS400 card
        The control panelLED status indicator
        The alarmPower outage alarm once 4 seconds: special low battery alarm once per second
        Communication interfaceUSB communication interface
        systemECO mode; Built-in maintenance bypass switch

        RP 3KS physical index

        W450.00 mm
        D482.60 mm
        H88.00 mm
        Machine weight10KG

        The RP 3 k to the environment

        The work environment-10 °C - 40 °C
        Working relative humidity20%-90%
        Operating height0-1500m
        Storage temperature-5 - 45 °C
        Storage relative humidity0 - 95%
        Store height0-15000m
        The auditory noise is 1 m above the device surface≤60.00 dB

        The RP 3 k warranty

        The standard warrantyRepair or replacement within 3 years

        The backup machine adopts gb plug and socket, please use according to the instruction

        Backup model: one year warranty built-in battery one year warranty

        Online model: 3-year warranty

        12V24AH capacity battery products: three-year warranty

        All over the country after sales service contact: contact us

        7*24 hour service tel: 400-830-8833

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